Company history

The predecessor of DOMETAL Préstechnikai Kft. was founded by László Domiter, car mechanic in 1972. The initial car repairing activity was completed in the mid-1980’s by the manufacturing of zinc plated containers used for storing wine bottles. This new product group was marketed in Austria, covering almost 60% of the market demand that time.

The company’s current main activity, automotive industry supply, started when the OPEL factory was established in Szentgotthárd in 1991.

First DOMETAL assembled wheels and bumpers in a JIT system, then as of 1993 the manufacturing of construction industry products (Dokker concrete mixers, wheelbarrows) was also included in the activities.

Since 1995, the company has been developing and manufacturing special logistics tools for vehicle engine, bumper and car body elements for several Western European companies (primarily for Plastic Omnium GmbH, S&V Logistics GmbH and D&V Logistics Kft).

The automotive industry activity was completed in 1996 by the machining of cast components manufactured by Mahle Gmbh, deburring, grinding and quality inspection of Opel and Mercedes camshafts.

The present main activity of DOMETAL, i.e. the manufacturing of automotive component parts was started in 2004 by supplying stamped, welded, spot welded sheet component parts for Magyar Suzuki Zrt.