Quality policy

Customer satisfationary, Customer orientation

We do our activites according to the known and to the not expressed expectations of our customers. Our mission is to reach and keep in high level the satisfaction all of our partners.

Quality orientation

We improve the approach to the quality continuously. At all of our employees we strengthen and keep up the commitment and vocation about the quality at all levels of the organisation.

Reliability and Accuracy

We strive for that our takings will be exact, measurable and feasible, and we do all efforts to complete our projects without delays and to achieve the quality expectations of our partners.

Cost-efficiency and Felxibility

We strive for long-term mutually benefical cooperations with our customers and partners, the basis of this relationship is the optimal portion of added value, the cost-efficiency, and flexibility

Continuous improvement, effectiveness

In order to the efficient operation we set our goals to planned and continuous improvement and measurement.

Corporate culture

We highligt our corporate culture wich is the result of our activity and experience in the automotive industry, we strive to preserve and improve our „know-how” for a long-term sustainable operation.

Compliance with the external requirements

We are planning our activities conforming the legal regulations and the requirements of the authorities. We consider this requirements during our operations as mandatory.

Environmental Policy:

The profile of Dometal Kft. includes the pressing and welding of automotive components and the manufacture and treatment of metal parts. In addition to meeting Customer demands, manufacturing products of excellent quality and ensuring continuous development, the company’s commitment to environmental protection also plays an important role during its operation. Recognising the increased environmental-awareness of the society and regarding this as an important issue also in its own opinion, Dometal Kft. has decided to integrate environmental protection into its operation.

Continuous supervision

In addition to setting the goals and targets formulated in the policy, the company pays proper attention also to the updating and continuous supervision of these goals and targets.

Compliance with the obligations

Dometal Kft. has worked out its environmental management system in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and the standard MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015. The company is committed to observing the legal regulations and other specifications and to having these observed on its site.

Keeping environmental load under control

The prevention of contaminations, the reduction of harmful environmental effects and the economical use of resources in all segments of its operation are very important for the company.

Being at the leading edge, sustainable development

Regarding the company’s operation and the fields of application of the environmental management system, the main guidelines concern the sustainable use of resources, the environment-friendly collection and treatment of wastes, and reducing the emission of substances that worsen the greenhouse effects.

Commitment, showing a good example

The management is committed to making the policy a reality, and to continuously maintaining and developing it. It is the management’s intention to spread environmental awareness among the workers through keeping training courses about its basic principles. The aim is to make the basic principles understandable and available to everyone and to ensure that as a result, the workers would perform their tasks in harmony with the policy and be aware of their responsibilities. The environmental policy is obligatory for Dometal Kft. and for all of its workers. The management shall make the Policy available and accessible to all parties concerned.

Appreciations by our customers, partners: